We provide well researched, user- friendly financial packages Agri-Loans to farmers We provide farmers with farming requirements- quality seeds, animal feeds, A.I services, farm machinery, equipment and implements, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides etc. For small scale, registered farmers’ groups, we provide attractive, affordable and unique pay- plan packages.Connecting farmers to viable markets abroad, or connecting them to vital market links and/or contacts, especially those in or eyeing the export industry.We have Holiday ‘pay- plan’ package where farmers can pay for their holidays or safaris in installment Locally, we assist farmers to access ready and viable markets and/ or marketing systems, in order to avert post- harvest losses, huge post-harvest storage costs and / or exploitation by middle-men (brokers).Facilitation of farmers’ top-of-the- range training’s- in all stages of the agricultural value- chain, by trainers drawn from key stake-holders, both locally and internationally.We arrange for farmers’ exchange programs, both locally and internationally

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